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Emma Lou Diemer
Keyboard Performer and Composer

Emma Lou Diemer has given numerous concerts of her music and that of other contemporary composers with an emphasis on keyboard works by women. She has written many collections for organ, many based on hymntunes, and a number of concert works (Toccata, Fantasie, Toccata and Fugue, Four Biblical Sketches). Her piano works include three sonatas, several suites, and single concert pieces (Toccata, Fantasy, Encore, Toccata for Amanda) as well as several collections of pieces for intermediate pianists (Reaching Out, Space Suite, Travels Through Sound). Other innovative concert works include Cowell, Cage, Crumb, and Czerny for two pianos, Norteamexispanicumsake for two pianos, Variations for Piano 4 Hands—Homage to Ravel, Schoenberg, and May Aufderheide. Other collections for solo piano are Psalms for Piano, Holidays for Piano, Spirituals for Piano. Publishers of the organ works include Oxford University Press, The Sacred Music Press (Lorenz), MorningStar (concert series), Zimbel Press, Augsburg Fortress. Publishers of the piano works include Arsis Press, Colla Voce (Plymouth Instrumental Series), Seesaw Music Corp./Subito Music, Certosa Verlag (Germany), FJH. 

Recordings of some of the above are available at amazon.com: Toccata for Piano is on the album Music by Women Composers, Vol. 1. Fantasy for Piano is on the album Sunbursts and also on the album Women Composers and the Men in Their Lives. Sonata No. 3 is on the album American Journey. Serenade/Toccata from Sonata No. 3 is on the album Touch: the toccata project.  A work recently published by Certosa Verlag (Germany) is Seven Pieces for Piano. This work is on an Albany Records album Emma Lou Diemer, recorded by the composer. Psalms for Piano and Spirituals for Piano are available on Joan Dixon's website: joandeveedixon.com. Two recent CDs recorded by Philip Ficsor, violin, and Emma Lou, piano, include most of the violin/piano works written by her. The albums are Summer Day containing Aria and Scherzo, Suite, Homage to Paderewski, three hymn arrangements, and Carch-A-Turian Toccata, and the album Going Away containing  recent works: a 4-movement violin concerto, Holiday Madness Medley, and Going Away. Her second piano trio is on the album Attracting Opposites (the Rawlins Piano Trio).